Don’t Compromise With Quality by Choosing a Cheap Web Design Company

As a budding entrepreneur or as a mature businessman, you are hungry to witness more success! You know today online presence is something you cannot avoid for certain. You have never learned to compromise to anything, I am sure you will never in future. But are you by mistake compromising with quality by choosing a cheap web design company? I am not blaming you, but I am going to unfold some interesting and important tricks that may have lured you to compromise!

Basically every one of us know nothing comes without hard work. Same theory applies to the website designing and development in general. Website designing is a pleasure and creative work that involves grey matter and patience. Is there any justification of less payment against hard labor? Let me point out some simple tricks:

  • Any cheap web design company will first start with pre-designed common and mediocre templates. They will offer you to choose from those and your initiatives start failing from first looks.
  • The poor frame or the structure of the website prevents smooth functioning of the back-end programming. But your chosen cheap web design company will also manage with low grade programming. Your site will never be user friendly!
  • I doubt if you are going to get flash effect in cheap rates! If they provide it, those may be some ordinary effects. Actually to develop effective flash effect you have to spend a little money. Otherwise what is the use of keeping such useless effects!
  • If you opt for choosing your own hosting, fine. But if you rely on a cheap web design company, it will either provide insufficient web space or introduce your website to poor hosting service provider or hosting server. Your website will slow in performance.
  • Generally in HTML coding, a cheap web design company will swiftly deprive you. They will provide you either table or very much low div based coding. For that your website will take time in loading or handful of programming bugs will swallow your good initiative of having great website.
  • It is found that after providing such types of things they vanish like a ghost! They provide minimum scope of customization on designing and development. So in future you are not going to find them for support. They just want to wrap up the things and are not ready to shoulder the future responsibility.

These are the very common scenes behind the curtain. Those Website designing companies who call themselves cheap web design company generally bungle or promise too much but cannot stand to the customer expectation till the project ends. As a humble customer you either manage or compromise to complete the website. You have to have to invest again in future. If you take suggestion from my little knowledge and experience, I will say go for affordable service not cheap. By going affordable you are always gainer and defy one more so called cheap web design company to cheat an entrepreneur or any established businessman.

Three Secrets Your Web Designer Doesn’t Want You to Know

As with every business, there are trade secrets of which the general public is unaware. Whether its overcharging for time or materials or having the work done by unqualified workers, every business sector has ways of winning projects and attaining higher margins. The web design business is no exception. Here are three secrets your web designer doesn’t want you to know. Knowing these tricks of the trade can save you a lot of time, stress and money.

Your Web Designer’s “Portfolio” May Be Highly Misleading
If you look at your web designer’s portfolio and you see projects that seem well above the skill level of the designer, be very suspicious. For example, if your web designer’s portfolio has examples of websites for large corporations or contains sophisticated order/reservation processing systems, ask your web designer to clarify exactly he did on the project. Likewise, a web designer who has a very impressive client list might be using this list to exaggerate what she actually did for those businesses. Such code words as “consulting” or “design work” are often generously used by designers when all she really did was talk with her friend who works for the company and give a few color suggestions. A professional web designer will welcome your questions and never hesitate to answer questions about her skills or portfolio.

Your Web Designer Might Not Have Even Made His Website
A designer needs to have a compelling website to attract new customers. Unfortunately, many individual web designers, especially those who do design work part-time, often use a template for their own website. Flash websites-many of those that have nifty moving graphics and audio-are often a signal that the website of your designer might actually be a template. They look great, of course, but a true, fully-functional Flash website is beyond the skills of most individual web designers.

What’s the harm? Well, if your web designer can’t even make her own website from the bottom-up, how can she have the skills to make your website? How can you as a prospective client know? Ask! Also look for parts of the website that seem out-of-date or not fully functional. Look for text that isn’t styled correctly and graphics which don’t seem to fit the overall design of the website.

Your Web Designer Might Not Even Make Your Website
It’s not uncommon for a web design and web programming work to be subcontracted. For a large, complicated website, it can almost be expected.

The problem with your web developer not making your small to medium-size website is that you are unlikely going to be have long-term support for your website. That is, if your web designer is unable to make your website in-house, it is very unlikely he will be able or unwilling to make changes and updates to your website in the future.

Using templates for your web design can also be problematic. Again, if your webmaster does not have the skills or time to make your website from the ground up, how much ability or desire will he have to make changes and updates to your website in the future? Besides, why would you want a website that will look like a dull, unoriginal template design?

Choosing a web designer requires much more than looking for the lowest price. Like most industries, there are tricks of the trade that can have a big impact on your ability to have a great result. Be sure to ask a lot of questions. Namely: 1) Can you tell me what you actually did on each website in your portfolio?, 2) Did you build your own website from the bottom-up?, and 3) Do you subcontract work on websites or intend to use a template on my website? The answers to these three questions can go a long way to ensuring that your web design process results in a great website.

SEO and Professional Web Design

I. What is SEO 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is considered the most technical part of web marketing. This is because SEO helps to promote the site and also requires some basic technical knowledge – at least knowledge of HTML. SEO can be defined as operating to optimize a web page or entire website to make it friendlier to search engines.

The basic rule is that SEO do not guarantee top position of our web sites, but if we neglect the basic requirements, it certainly will not be noticed by search engines. It is also important to set realistic goals. For example top 30 in Google for a specific keyword is a good start.

SEO is not advertising. Of course, you can use paid services to promote your site, but the meaning of SEO optimization is to pull more traffic and visitors to your web site because it provides information that consumers seek, and not because you paid for it.

Optimizing your site can take you 30 minutes or become your full time job. If you are headed to the promotion of a rare keyword, you will not need much time to achieve the top rating. In most cases, if you really want to stay on top, you will need to focus on optimization and put a lot of effort and time, or to trust the professional web designer. Success lies in understanding how search engines work.

The most important thing is that search engines are not people. As obvious as this might be for each of us there are large differences in how one man and one search engine “looks” of your site. Technology is continually progressing, but no matter how much effort you put in a great design with many pictures and multimedia features, the search engine will ignore the beauty of your site and will focus on one thing – the text.

Here’s how search engines work. This is done by software called a crawler or spider (or Googlebot for Google). Spiders follow links on one page to another. Given the number of pages on the Internet (over 60 million), it is impossible for spiders to visit each site every day just to see if something has changed. Sometimes they will not visit your site for months, so during this time your efforts in optimization will not be rewarded. Nothing to do on this issue – just swallow the bitter truth.

As already mentioned spiders pay attention only to the text of your web site. They are not interested in images, Flash animations, JavaScript and password protected pages or directories.

The next step is indexing. Web pages are stored in huge databases. Meaning of indexing is to draw words or sentences that most appropriate describes the nature of your web site. There are various algorithms calculating whether your site meets a demand – repetition of keywords, links or meta tags. Therefore, various search engines earn different results when searching for the same thing. Leading search engines periodically change their algorithms. It is important to adapt your site to the latest changes. The other reason to do that is your competitors.

The basic principle of all search engines is the same. However, there are many differences between them. For Yahoo! and Bing matching keywords on the web page is essential. For Google links are very, very important. Also, Google likes old site – the older, the better.

II. Keywords – the most important weapon in the arsenal of optimization

To select the right keywords is not an easy task. It seems that the times in which you can optimize for a single word are already gone. Now that the Internet is full of continuously updated information it is nearly impossible to achieve top rating with one keyword. For example: if your web site offers tires, the keyword “tire” is mandatory, but you’ll get a much better result if you focus on the specifics of the goods offered by you – German tires or German tires for vans. Ideally you know well your clients and know exactly what are they searching for. A good trick is to use synonyms as keywords.

Use the tools of Google, to find out which are the modern searches in your category at Google insights

The next step is to have good repeatability of keywords on your site. We recommend repeatability of 3-7% for main keywords and 1-2% for secondary keywords.

The quantity of keywords is not so important as the quality of your keywords. Keywords found in the page title, headings and first paragraph has greater weight. Keyword in the domain name of your site will break the charts, especially in Yahoo! 

III. Links

The so-called backlinks (links on other pages that point to your web site) are very important for the positioning of your site in search engines. The more the better – especially for Google. But do not be fooled. There are good and bad backlinks. Good links are on web sites with high reputation and bad backlinks are placed on websites, designed to deceive search engines. Do not publish backlinks on link farms and sites with poor content. This can even lead to a ban of your web site in search engines. Using images (pictures) for links is also deadly for optimization. Use short, meaningful phrases, preferably with keywords in them to build a link back to your site. Posting links in thematic forums and web directories will help you a lot.

IV. Paid Ads and Services

Paid ads are a good way to increase traffic to your web site. The correct choice of professionals will ensure good positions in search engines. Google and other search engines offer top placement fee. Users generally do not like paid links. It looks like you have paid for a place, where you do not deserve to be. 

V. Myths and Facts 

1. I must register my web site in search engines

Fact: Registration is not required. Search engines will find you if somewhere there is a link to your web site

2. I should periodically re-register my web site

Fact: No. Once in the search engine, your web site remains there and its content is updated permanently.

3. Meta tags will help my rating

Fact: Meta tags do not affect rating. 

4. Higher rating is the most important thing for me

Fact: It is important how many visitors will become your customers, not how much will pass through the door of your store, or strictly speaking – will see your store from the outside, without even entering

5. Better to look for a “trick” instead of wasting my time with the design of my web site

Fact: The use of tricks is a waste of time. Search engines are getting smarter. Better invest your time in making qualitative and useful web site – the people will come 

6. I will make my keywords invisible, such as white text on a white background

Fact: Search engines are not stupid. This can lead to a ban of your web site. Usage of tricks is a waste of time!

VI. Conclusion

We at QALISTIC Web Design & Software Solutions believe that a highly professional web site is the milestone to the success and rapid development of any business. All the web solutions we provide are developed according to your company needs and expectations. We feel proud of the fact that we optimize our software with high ranking in mind, which makes our product customized and unique to each client.

Professional web design has numerous of advantages, which drives small and medium companies, as even leading brands to use internet web sites as their main showcase. By choosing the solutions provided by QALISTIC you make a highly effective investment in quality PR for your business.

Our professional team of software engineers and designers will offer you a full gamma of services that meets the needs your company has for a high quality web site. We can provide solutions from brand new customized websites to redesign of existing ones, SEO, CMS and much more.