Five Important Web Design Secrets

If you want a truly awesome website there are some web design secrets that you need to know. These secrets are important. Using them creates a website that brings you lots of relevant traffic. Not using creates a website that is sluggish and boring.

While there are a good number of things to keep in mind when creating a web page, and a lot of good advice for designing the perfect web page for your site, the following five web design secrets can help you to get a great start in creating an easy-to-use site that will rank high on the search lists.

Secret #1: Your Titles Need to Make Sense

This may sound silly (of course your titles should make sense!) but so many website owners are as concerned with packing in as many keywords as possible that they fail to take good grammar into account. With that in mind, make sure that the titles and sub-titles on your pages make sense grammatically – and logically too of course.

Secret #2: Don’t Use Page Counters

As cool as it may seem to have your website “count” incoming visitors, with today’s technological advances any web host with any credibility already has ways to let you know precisely how many visitors you have. A counter only makes you look like an amateur. This is especially true if those who visit your site have sites or blogs of their own and therefore know that you don’t really need the counter. In addition, page counters can actually cause problems with your design, especially if you have to cut and paste them or if they come with attached codes from other web sites that are looking to attract more traffic to their own site.

Secret #3: Do Not Try Any Underhanded Tricks to Fool Search Engines

As cleaver as some of these tricks for generating traffic to your site may seem, don’t use them! Many of the tricks you see advertised by “successful” webmasters (like putting tons of key words on the pages in invisible text or using non-organic back links) may have had limited success in the past, but the search engines are very savvy. This is especially true of Google. Try using any of these or a dozen other tricks on Google and you might as well kiss your web site goodbye.

Secret #4: Don’t Put Background Music on Your Webpage

Yes, it is understandable that you might want to set the mood for your website, and in some cases it can actually add to the flavor of the website. But in most cases it is inadvisable first because it is annoying to the user (especially if they are viewing the page in a work setting) and secondly, because music files can take up a great deal of space, causing your page to take longer to load. And if browsers have to wait too long for the page to load, chances are that they will go someone else.

Secret #5: Try Not to Use Frame Sets

Yes, HTML is difficult to arrange (layout wise) but today CSS positioning is much easier and is well supported by most of the major browsers, which makes frame sets obsolete in most cases. In fact, there are other reasons to avoid frame sets as well. These include the difficulty most beginners have in putting them together properly as well as their tendency to make the website more complicated than necessary as well as the difficulties they can cause the search engines that are crawling your site.

Putting it All Together

While these are not the only bits of advice that you can use to make your website manageable, they can help you in getting a jump-start on creating a website using website templates that will generate the most legitimate web traffic available and bring you far more business than you ever dreamed possible.

Of course, if you really want to take advantage of professional techniques, you can hire a professional web designer who can use all the web design secrets to help you to create an SEO optimized website that will truly represent you.